Emmanuel Everyday

Have you ever had a bright idea and when you shared it everyone looked at you like you had lost your mind.   I get those ideas sometimes.  About 15 years ago something sparked the thought that we shouldn’t celebrate the Incarnation just at Christmas but that we should celebrate it all year.  This was a great idea so I decided that I would always display a nativity in our house.  I promptly ordered from ebay a miniature pewter precious moments nativity.  And it was displayed on a shelf all year.  Last year I put that nativity in my daughters stocking because I had purchased a new nativity.

Now my family probably thought I was being peculiar.  I choose to believe that God was speaking and perhaps I just wasn’t fully getting it.

I finally got it!   The message wasn’t incarnation  it was EMMANUEL.  God with US.

Emmanuel- God with us.

Yes! God with us as the Incarnate Son of God – the babe born in a manger.

But so much more.

Emmanuel – God with us 365 days of the year.

Although I still display a nativity 365 days of the year, more importantly I sign off my communications with Emmanuel- God with us.

Emmanuel- God with us.  It seemed so appropriate.  Your having a difficult day- God is with you.  You have an important decision to make- God is with you.  You need help- God is with you.

Now folks I have a confession to make.  As I get older my memory isn’t quite as sharp and that worries me a bit but I can laugh it off.  However, I have also noted that the older I get the less I think I know and I actually feel pretty good about that especially when it comes to the things of God.

The God of my understanding was pretty small, at times petty and not very powerful …………………

The God of my unknowing has depths of love I can’t begin to fathom, mercy that flows without measure and grace that embraces me at my most undeserving.

While we may not fully understand the things of God and putting it into words makes me realize how silly it is to think that we can fully understand the mind and workings of God.  There is a beauty and rest in the liberating mystery of a God who Known while at the same time operates in unprecedented ways.

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