“What a disaster,” conjures up many pictures in our mind like coffee spilt on a paper you need to hand in, the car during spring or your house after too busy a week.  I have to admit that sometimes I have cooking disasters.  Those are the meals when I say, “You won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t eat this.”  After the meal with the expected leftovers I would say, “throw them in the garbage they aren’t worth a rerun.”

Sunday at church (that certainly dates this blog) the Speaker spoke about how we often say thank-you to people who give us our groceries at the checkout or thank you to the server who gives us a meal.  She made the observation that we seldom say thank you to the people who are really important in our lives.  Things like thank you mom and dad for your love and support. Do we say thank you to a co-worker or superior who always has your back and supports you.  What about our spouses who love us anyway.  I realized that I need to say thank you more to the important people in my life. 

Then Erica asked the question, “How often do you say thank you to God?” Hummmmm, not enough.  Then with the accuracy of a marksman she said, “what if tomorrow only held the things you expressed gratitude for today.” WoW, God had spoken!  All of a sudden my meal time disaster wasn’t about a culinary delight and my entitlement to have the best.  It was about a meal that was nutritious even though it didn’t taste great. I became aware of the multitudes of people who eat some form of porridge or gruel as their daily diet.

I have to tell you that I sent a lot of texts after this sermon expressing gratitude to the people I love.  Bye the way, did I tell you how grateful I am to you.

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