Heart Set Free

By May 18, 2021No Comments

A heart set free is a place where leaders can encounter Christ and one another in authentic community where; successes are celebrated, losses are grieved, mistakes are embraced as windows of learning, trust is given and our hidden selves are set free until our insides match our outsides.  Success indicators would be leaders living out their faith and mission spaciously, lovingly and passionately, demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit in all areas of their lives.

This community nurtures “spiritual literacy” as a way to discover and awaken in each person their individually unique spiritual rhythms.


Within the context of community and life, reflective exercises help us to become aware of  the movements of our heart and we begin to tune into the heart of God.  In community barriers and defences will be breached as trust is built, given and respected.  We begin to experience personal freedom through the affirmation of community and being known in a way that will allows us to embrace growth and wholeness.

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