Labyrinth Garden

The Labyrinth has always been captivating and invitational to Toni.  In planning for this phase of their ministry journey Toni and Ron talked about making a Labyrinth in their yard.  Just imagine  being able to dream when you have space.  What started as a simple walking Labyrinth grew into a garden Labyrinth.  It is hard to know quite how it happened.  At first Toni thought of planting some flowers instead of using bricks to outline the paths.  The concept began to blossom and grow when we had a garden fountain given to us and we imagined just sitting quietly by the fountain. Since the donation of that first fountain there have been five other features gifted to the Labyrinth.  Each waypoint extends an invitation to the seeker.  Along with the prayer stations along the way the Labyrinth has been blessed with the generosity of many who have gifted the garden with a variety of flowers and bushes.

Always a work in progress the Labyrinth Garden is in the earliest development phase and in June 2020 it was just a patch of parched cracked clay.  As the shape of the garden began to take place, visitors would walk the garden and even at its most barren stage they commented on the peace they felt.  Many, after experiencing the Labyrinth have become eager supporters of what we are trying to accomplish.

Throughout the process of designing and developing the garden, Ron and Toni have sensed not only God’s blessing but His divine purpose for the garden.  We believe that the generosity of people towards the garden is a direct response to God’s blessing and the purpose for the garden. We continue to develop the garden and add new plants each year.  It is our hope that as people begin to experience friendship with God in the garden that they will come back as volunteers and co-create with us

Check out the Gallery to see the Labyrinths progress