Leadership & Congregational Health

Leadership & Congregational Health

We are committed to advancing the mission of the local church through providing a safe space (either in person or virtually) to foster conversation and learning.  Opportunities will be available to experience prayer clinics, the enneagram, church leadership and governance conversations.

Upon request we will host conversations and seek to find qualified and experienced people to speak into the topic of interest.

In Congregational Health we offer: Governance coaching and Leadership Coaching.

This may include Enneagram teaching, Conflict coaching and group discernment process.

Group discernment is when a group of individuals come together to discern direction regarding concerns for the group.  Any group size works.  Larger groups will require more time than smaller groups.  In group discernment, the group comes with an agenda.

First Impressions Audit Weekends

Ron leads a small team that comes to your church to observe, evaluate and report on your churches readiness for growth. Focus groups are conducted on the Saturday to explore the underlying beliefs and practices of congregational members.  On Sunday we observe.  A final report with recommendations is made to the leadership team within three weeks.  Consulting or coaching is available to live out the action plan if desired.  Consulting happens when you don’t have the resources inside the congregation to move forward, and you need someone to walk you through each step.  Coaching is when you have the people resources but need some encouragement from the sidelines to move forward.