Ministry, Marriage And Family Life

Ron and Toni have ministered together as Salvation Army Officers throughout Canada for 37 years. They both attended The Salvation Army College for Officers, International College for Officers and trained as Spiritual Directors with Soulstream. Together, through loss, illness, the challenges of ministry, moving, and marriage they learned to lean into God. It was easy to build a fortress for survival that protected them, but they realized that their hearts were broken, wounded, and shut off from others.  As they sought answers in prayer, Holy Spirit led them into new pathways of experiencing God and healing.Through the generous, tender, and loving touch of so many spiritual directors, guides, coaches, and mentors, they now live in a place of convergence.  A place where all of life’s experiences are brought together through a convergence of love.  In this place they experience a loving, joyful delight in their own and each other’s humanity, their energies are renewed, passions revived and peace manifests as they live their lives in the present moment.  They have often asked why they couldn’t have learned this when they were younger, and the answer is because experience distilled by Holy Spirit is the pathway to living in the unforced rhythms of God’s grace.  Their prayer is that you may grow through the opportunities that they offer and that your journey will be a continual discovery of love.
Convergence is a word that came to Ron and Toni a few years ago as they reflected on their life and ministry.  When Toni had cancer, they realized that everything in their lives had been leading them to a place where they would lay down their striving and begin to live the unforced rhythms of God’s grace.  When we give everything to God, such as our past, limitations, dreams, desires, circumstances, gifts, disappointments, fears, brokenness and learning, they are brought into focus by Holy Spirit and no longer have power to pull against each other. Instead, they come together, loosening the godly parts, strengthening the whole, until convergence is experienced as peace, power and passion.  Convergence is being immersed in God’s love so that the chains of bondage are broken and, in their place, radical love, sets us free.  Come… Rest


Growing up on the homestead farm in the beautiful Fraser Valley has deeply embedded in Ron a grounded, practical spirituality that is expressed through an apostolic calling and generous hospitality. Ron is passionate about the local Church and equipping leaders. He is a lifelong learner and has continued his formal learning through Winnipeg Bible College, and courses with Trinity Western University and Simon Fraser University. Ron has also been privileged to be mentored by some of the most respected leaders in congregational health.

As a Salvation Army Officer, he has been a part of growing and revitalizing churches. For four years he gave oversight to the work of The Salvation Army in Alberta and Northern Territories where he honed his talents for building and directing boards and his experience with non-profit, health care, social justice and camping ministry.

Ron’s gifts are apostolic leadership, shepherding, vision, process, hospitality and the empowerment of others.


Growing up in southern Saskatchewan Toni is innately drawn to spacious living and stunning skyscapes. Toni is passionate about helping others to live spaciously in all dimensions of their living. Toni’s further education has taken place with Trinity Western University, Richmont Graduate University and courses throughout her ministry years.

One of the highlights for Toni over her career has been Breakthrough, a program for change that was designed and developed for single moms. She has also designed and facilitated individual and small group retreats helping individuals and groups to achieve their desired outcomes. Toni’s gifts are in the prophetic, vision, leadership, discernment, hospitality and compassion. She is passionate about working with individuals and small groups to help people grow deeper in their love of God and as a result be transformed.

Ministry Partners

A long discussed dream of ministry through hospitality has become a present reality .  Through partnership with  Ron’s sister Joan and her husband Art and the opportunity they have given us, we have been able to create a place of spacious invitations where people can…

Come & Rest~ Listen & Learn~  Reflect & See~  Create & find~ Experience Convergence
Many others have made contributions of counsel and donations for the garden. They have been a wonderful inspiration and blessing.