Reset is a seven day* focused retreat for one couple or an individual that takes place in a rhythm of spaciousness.  As retreat guides, we will ‘do life’ with you, modelling many of the concepts that will be taught.   The retreat is designed to help awaken your whole person; body, mind and spirit. Through teaching, reflection, prayer and sacred conversations, you become aware of yourself and what Holy Spirit is saying.    Accommodation is provided with a spacious master suite and quiet spaces throughout the house and gardens.


Some of the best conversations happen when our hands are busy doing something. Meal preparation is done in teams, as well as some of the other daily activities on the farm.  Opportunities include working in the labyrinth garden, participating in barn chores, creating in the carpentry workshop or craft room, bike riding, kayaking, beaches, swimming, hiking, and boating.  As we participate with nature in the physical, we begin to experience the power of creation and when the experience is shared an opportunity for transformative dialogue with Holy Spirit and others takes place.


The Retreat will commence with three conversations prior to the retreat.  For the purpose of learning you will be asked to do some reading on the Enneagram and take the Wagner Enneagram Test.  The second phase of the retreat is the seven-day Farm stay.  Together we will co-design your retreat experience. The third phase of the retreat will be (6) monthly follow up conversations and if opportunity allows a silent or fasting retreat at the farm.

*can be a day shorter or longer.