Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

We don’t always feel safe enough with other people, to be honest about what is in our hearts.  Spiritual Direction is, in its essence, the expression of unconditional hospitality and welcoming. It is a safe place where you set the agenda and the pace. In the process of paying attention, Holy Spirit surprises you with liberating truth about you and God.

Direction opens you up to deeper intimacy with Creator and helps you to live your life and calling, confidently and powerfully, as a Jesus follower. The Director is grounded in Biblical truth and a trained listener, who helps you pay attention to God’s presence and activity, in the moments of your day. As we tune into the God who is tuned into us, we begin to experience freedom in areas that once held us captive, peace where there was anxiety, joy instead of resignation and love instead of condemnation.  The posture of the Director is one of generous hospitality, attentive listening, prayerful discernment, and encouragement.

Learning Community Opportunities
Individual Spiritual Direction

Children’s Spirituality

  • Listening Prayer with children.
  • Teaching parents how to have spiritual conversations with their children.

Group Direction

Group direction is where a small, trusted group of 4-6 people gather and listen together to Holy Spirit for a person in the group. Holy Spirit sets the agenda.

Group Discernment

Group discernment is when a group of individuals come together to discern direction for individuals in the group or for the group. Any group size works. Larger groups will require more time than smaller groups. In group discernment, the group comes with an agenda.

Spiritual Directors

Toni has co-pastored with Ron in The Salvation Army (TSA) for 37 years. During this time she completed a Master of Leadership at Trinity Western University, Soulstream Spiritual Direction Certificate and a Masters Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta. Toni’s gift in direction is a compassionate invitation that recognizes that you were created in love and by love. Coupled with spiritual listening she is able to support Holy Spirit’s movements in the directee’s life as they journey to freedom. Toni is excited about the possibilities presented by combining Spiritual Direction and her Enneagram training.

Ron has co-pastored with Toni in The Salvation Army for 37 Years. He did his undergraduate degree at Winnipeg Bible College prior to becoming a Salvation Army Officer. He completed the Soulstream Spiritual Direction Certificate in 2009. Ron is a lifelong learner and through study of the Enneagram he brings added depth and understanding to his sessions. Ron gifts his directee’s with gentle listening warmth and acceptance. Directees immediately respond to the way he integrates direction into the rhythm of daily activity.