Leadership within Christian ministry strikes at the deepest cords of our hearts, calling us to “make a difference”.  We enter into this holy calling believing that we can make a difference and are swept into the busyness of helping others often to our detriment or at great sacrifice to ourselves and families.  Our desire is often like a runaway train that tries to keep up, thinking that more activity and more education is the answer.   Even with education and highly applauded activity there is often a sense of not really hitting the mark for the Kingdom which leaves us feeling depleted, dissatisfied and disillusioned with ministry.


It has been both my experience and observation that ministry has to pour out of our being and not our doing.  It is easy in to compensate our sense of inadequacy as Kingdom builders by building kingdoms of great social service but having minimal impact on the Kingdom in relationship to the resources expended.  In doing this we often earn the applause of man but this does not resonate with our hearts desire.  For us to minister out of our beings in a way that reaps a harvest for the Kingdom of God we as Leaders are in need of the tools and opportunities to nurture our souls and develop a deep meaningful intimacy with God.  Unfortunately, we are often in an anorexic state, unaware of our hunger for more.  Others may recognize their hunger for more but don`t know how to access more or where to go.  It is my contention that if we could help Leaders nurture their soul and deepen their relationship with God that ministry would become more fruitful and Leaders would become more effective as they live and move and act out of their being rather than the frantic activities that often mask our fears and sense of inadequacy.


Not only do we struggle in our intimacy with God but our other relationships often lack true intimacy.  Many leaders feel profoundly alone in the deep recesses of their hearts.  While we hunger for relational intimacy it is easy to believe that it is only something that we will experience in rare moments.  It is my belief and experience that a shared journey “into “ God will not only transform  ministry and marriages but also how leaders support and relate to one another.

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