Why me is a question I often ask myself.  Why has my life been so blessed? If my life were a picture it would be a rustic prairie scene where the longer you looked at it the more beautiful it would become. Like you I have had my share of heartbreak and times when I haven’t known what the next moment would hold.  Those are the broken and abandoned bits in my picture that can easily be seen. Beyond the  landscape of my turmoil I have often been witness to someone who was going through even greater sorrow.  At these times, I have been thankful that God had equipped me for the burdens I must carry while I cannot imagine bearing up under the burdens that I see others having to bear.  My picture always has a transcendent light that bathes my joy and my pain in glorious colour and reveals a spaciousness that I cannot always see in the moment. My landscape is also framed by God’s providential care and I see the fingerprints from his touch demonstrating that He was active even before I knew I would need him.  I am blessed because he is a good, good Father and he loves me.

I was privileged to attended a post- surgery cancer support group.  I came away amazed at the resiliency of the people there.  I was also burdened for a young girl about 20 who is faced with a radical double mastectomy and another young woman who was declared stage four, terminal and therefore not urgent.  Why not me is a rhetorical question that comes to me at these times.  It is rhetorical because there is no answer this side of eternity.

Why me?  Why is my life so much easier than the lives of so many?  I know for a fact it isn’t because I am better or that I deserve it.  I can’t for a moment imagine that it is because God loves me more than these others because that would not make Him a good, good Father!  I think, it is what it is.  What I do know is “that to those who have been given much, much is required.” (Luke 12:48) Those who are blessed are meant to live their lives blessing others.  To move beyond self- interest, preferences and limitations to give support, comfort and aid to the whosoever of those who are burdened.  We have the opportunity to be the light in the landscapes of the lives of others.  This is our privilege, to be as Christ to others knowing that the time will come when we will need the blessing of others in our life.  I am reminded of the words in Colossians 3 which says “Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to the Father through him.”

Recognizing how we are blessed invites us to live our lives with radical, generous, spacious gratitude.  The prayer of Examin has helped me to become aware of the minute moments of my day where I experience the blessings of God and help me to live from a place of gratitude.


As the recipient of the prayers of God’s people along with many acts of kindness and words of comfort, I have found the community of faith to be a light revealing Christ on the landscape of my life and the lives of my family these days.

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