Vision and Values


To create opportunities for participants to experience The Father, Son and Spirit through the spacious invitations to come and rest, create and restore, reflect and see, gather and grow, and experience convergence .

We Value:

  1. Mutuality for our desire to grow as disciples of Jesus. A gift that helps us grow as passionate followers of Jesus.
  2. Diversity brings completeness and we celebrate Creator in each person and their unique contribution to the whole.
  3. Inclusion gives voice to every person in the group regardless of their role or experience.
  4. Belonging comes from being image bearers of Creator, you are highly valued and because you are, you are enough.
  5. Gratitude is the posture of having journeyed to the depths as well as the heights. We cultivate gratitude through contemplative living and the Prayer of Examen.
  6. Hospitality is the gift of making others feel like they have been seen and heard and belong. It happens when we create spaces in our groups, our lives and in our hearts.
  7. Vulnerability is an essential gift given to God and others when we choose to invite them into our journey of becoming.
  8. Openness to God whose unfailing extravagant love challenges our religious constructs and understanding. As a result, we are open to the mystery of God in Scripture and in our experiences.
  9. Joy and laughter are evidence of God’s extravagant love for us, and they teach us to not take ourselves so seriously. We gift others with our joy and laughter.